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4 Ways to Jazz Up Your Salad

Simple steps to rethink this diet mainstay

Health Tip: Recognize Youth Violence

Symptoms of a common problem

Health Tip: Throwing Out Leftover Medicine

What to do with drugs you no longer use

Nurses Learn How to Get Patients to Say 'Yes' to Blood Thinners

Online training aims to make sure those hospitalized get treatment to prevent dangerous blood clots

Which Heart Bypass Surgery Works Best?

Study compares 'on-' and 'off-pump' procedures

Young Breakfast Skippers Lack Vital Nutrients

Calcium, iron and folate may be shortchanged when morning meal is missed

Can a Blood Test Detect a Range of Cancers Earlier?

Researchers move 'a step forward,' assessing DNA fragments for colon, breast, ovarian and lung tumors

Choosing a Gym: Exercise Your Options

Follow this guide to find the best fit

Health Highlights: Aug. 16, 2017
  • Fleas Test Positive for Plague in Arizona

Health Tip: Food for Fido

What dogs shouldn't eat

Health Tip: Sleepiness on the Job

It's a major cause of workplace accidents

Hospitals Not to Blame for Most Opioid Addiction: Study

Outpatient prescriptions for spinal and orthopedic disorders identified as common triggers

Nearly 4 Million Worldwide Die Each Year From Asthma, COPD

In poorer countries these respiratory illnesses too often go undiagnosed and untreated, report finds

Powerful New Cholesterol Med Won't Harm Memory, Easing Concerns

Study findings on Repatha are 'reassuring,' but expert wants longer follow-up

Pricey Wines Can Trick Your Brain

Are you responding to cost rather than quality?

Study Finds Options to Opioid Use After Knee Surgery

Non-drug approaches that may work include acupuncture and electrotherapy, review finds

Could Big Lifestyle Changes Be Key to Managing Type 2 Diabetes?

Study finds lower blood sugar, reduced need for medication

Date Nights for Overbooked Parents

Make it more than a movie, experts say

Givers Really Are Happier Than Takers

Even small acts of generosity trigger a brain boost, study finds

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